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pugixml.hpp File Reference
#include "pugiconfig.hpp"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <exception>
#include <iterator>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>
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class  pugi::xml_attribute
class  pugi::xml_attribute_iterator
class  pugi::xml_document
class  pugi::xml_named_node_iterator
class  pugi::xml_node
class  pugi::xml_node_iterator
class  pugi::xml_object_range< It >
struct  pugi::xml_parse_result
class  pugi::xml_text
class  pugi::xml_tree_walker
class  pugi::xml_writer
class  pugi::xml_writer_file
class  pugi::xml_writer_stream
class  pugi::xpath_exception
class  pugi::xpath_node
class  pugi::xpath_node_set
struct  pugi::xpath_parse_result
class  pugi::xpath_query
class  pugi::xpath_variable
class  pugi::xpath_variable_set




#define PUGIXML_CHAR   char
#define PUGIXML_TEXT(t)   t
#define PUGIXML_VERSION   190

pugixml parser - version 1.9

Copyright (C) 2006-2018, by Arseny Kapoulkine ( Report bugs and download new versions at More...


typedef void *(* pugi::allocation_function) (size_t size)
typedef PUGIXML_CHAR pugi::char_t
typedef void(* pugi::deallocation_function) (void *ptr)
typedef std::basic_string< PUGIXML_CHAR, std::char_traits< PUGIXML_CHAR >, std::allocator< PUGIXML_CHAR > > pugi::string_t


enum  pugi::xml_encoding {
  pugi::encoding_auto, pugi::encoding_utf8, pugi::encoding_utf16_le, pugi::encoding_utf16_be,
  pugi::encoding_utf16, pugi::encoding_utf32_le, pugi::encoding_utf32_be, pugi::encoding_utf32,
  pugi::encoding_wchar, pugi::encoding_latin1
enum  pugi::xml_node_type {
  pugi::node_null, pugi::node_document, pugi::node_element, pugi::node_pcdata,
  pugi::node_cdata, pugi::node_comment, pugi::node_pi, pugi::node_declaration,
enum  pugi::xml_parse_status {
  pugi::status_ok = 0, pugi::status_file_not_found, pugi::status_io_error, pugi::status_out_of_memory,
  pugi::status_internal_error, pugi::status_unrecognized_tag, pugi::status_bad_pi, pugi::status_bad_comment,
  pugi::status_bad_cdata, pugi::status_bad_doctype, pugi::status_bad_pcdata, pugi::status_bad_start_element,
  pugi::status_bad_attribute, pugi::status_bad_end_element, pugi::status_end_element_mismatch, pugi::status_append_invalid_root,
enum  pugi::xpath_value_type {
  pugi::xpath_type_none, pugi::xpath_type_node_set, pugi::xpath_type_number, pugi::xpath_type_string,


std::basic_string< char, std::char_traits< char >, std::allocator< char > > PUGIXML_FUNCTION pugi::as_utf8 (const std::basic_string< wchar_t, std::char_traits< wchar_t >, std::allocator< wchar_t > > &str)
PUGI__FN std::string PUGIXML_FUNCTION pugi::as_utf8 (const wchar_t *str)
std::basic_string< wchar_t, std::char_traits< wchar_t >, std::allocator< wchar_t > > PUGIXML_FUNCTION pugi::as_wide (const std::basic_string< char, std::char_traits< char >, std::allocator< char > > &str)
PUGI__FN std::basic_string< wchar_t > PUGIXML_FUNCTION pugi::as_wide (const char *str)
PUGI__FN allocation_function PUGIXML_FUNCTION pugi::get_memory_allocation_function ()
PUGI__FN deallocation_function PUGIXML_FUNCTION pugi::get_memory_deallocation_function ()
PUGI__FN void PUGIXML_FUNCTION pugi::set_memory_management_functions (allocation_function allocate, deallocation_function deallocate)


const unsigned int pugi::format_default = format_indent
const unsigned int pugi::format_indent = 0x01
const unsigned int pugi::format_indent_attributes = 0x40
const unsigned int pugi::format_no_declaration = 0x08
const unsigned int pugi::format_no_empty_element_tags = 0x80
const unsigned int pugi::format_no_escapes = 0x10
const unsigned int pugi::format_raw = 0x04
const unsigned int pugi::format_save_file_text = 0x20
const unsigned int pugi::format_write_bom = 0x02
const unsigned int pugi::parse_cdata = 0x0004
const unsigned int pugi::parse_comments = 0x0002
const unsigned int pugi::parse_declaration = 0x0100
const unsigned int pugi::parse_default = parse_cdata | parse_escapes | parse_wconv_attribute | parse_eol
const unsigned int pugi::parse_doctype = 0x0200
const unsigned int pugi::parse_embed_pcdata = 0x2000
const unsigned int pugi::parse_eol = 0x0020
const unsigned int pugi::parse_escapes = 0x0010
const unsigned int pugi::parse_fragment = 0x1000
const unsigned int pugi::parse_full = parse_default | parse_pi | parse_comments | parse_declaration | parse_doctype
const unsigned int pugi::parse_minimal = 0x0000
const unsigned int pugi::parse_pi = 0x0001
const unsigned int pugi::parse_trim_pcdata = 0x0800
const unsigned int pugi::parse_wconv_attribute = 0x0040
const unsigned int pugi::parse_wnorm_attribute = 0x0080
const unsigned int pugi::parse_ws_pcdata = 0x0008
const unsigned int pugi::parse_ws_pcdata_single = 0x0400

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#define PUGIXML_CHAR   char

Definition at line 122 of file pugixml.hpp.



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Definition at line 47 of file pugixml.hpp.

Referenced by pugi::xml_node::find_node().



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Definition at line 102 of file pugixml.hpp.

Referenced by pugi::xml_document::_destroy(), and pugi::xml_document::~xml_document().



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#define PUGIXML_TEXT (   t)    t


#define PUGIXML_VERSION   190

pugixml parser - version 1.9

Copyright (C) 2006-2018, by Arseny Kapoulkine ( Report bugs and download new versions at

This library is distributed under the MIT License. See notice at the end of this file.

This work is based on the pugxml parser, which is: Copyright (C) 2003, by Kristen Wegner (

Definition at line 16 of file pugixml.hpp.