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GeoLocation.cpp File Reference
#include "carla/geom/GeoLocation.h"
#include "carla/geom/Location.h"
#include "carla/geom/Math.h"
#include <cmath>
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 This file contains definitions of common data structures used in traffic manager.


static void carla::geom::LatLonAddMeters (double lat_start, double lon_start, double dx, double dy, double &lat_end, double &lon_end)
 Adds meters dx/dy to given lat/lon and returns new lat/lon. More...
template<class float_type >
static void carla::geom::LatLonToMercator (double lat, double lon, double scale, float_type &mx, float_type &my)
 Converts lat/lon/scale to mx/my (mx/my in meters if correct scale is given). More...
static double carla::geom::LatToScale (double lat)
 Convert latitude to scale, which is needed by mercator transformations. More...
static void carla::geom::MercatorToLatLon (double mx, double my, double scale, double &lat, double &lon)
 Converts mx/my/scale to lat/lon (mx/my in meters if correct scale is given). More...


static constexpr double carla::geom::EARTH_RADIUS_EQUA = 6378137.0
 Earth radius at equator [m]. More...