CARLA 0.8.1 Release

Posted by @nsubiron on April 05, 2018

We are releasing a quick fix of some of the issues reported, thank you guys for quickly spotting our mistakes ;)

Get CARLA 0.8.1

In this release, @felipecode also slipped a new Python script in for easily visualizing the start positions of the player vehicle, It displays each start position in the map together with its index. This is the index that is passed to the simulator for choosing a particular start position. The script connects to a CARLA simulator instance and retrieves the start positions of the current map.

Start positions

You can also use it to display only a set of positions by specifying the list of indices in the command line with ./ -pos 10,11,12.

New Features

  • New Python example for visualizing the player start positions


  • Fixed box extent of non-player agents was sent in centimeters instead of meters
  • Fixed speed limits were sent in km/h instead of m/s
  • Fixed issue in Volkswagen van’s wheels causing it to overturn