Guardstrike has released the CARLA-Apollo Bridge

The CARLA-Apollo bridge facilitates seamless integration between the CARLA simulator and the Apollo autonomous driving research platform

Posted by @MattRowe18 on November 28, 2022

apollo logo

The CARLA team is delighted to announce that our Leaderboard partners, Guardstrike, have released the CARLA-Apollo bridge.

Apollo is an open-source L4 autonomous driving software stack used by many OEMs, solution vendors, developers and researchers. The CARLA-Apollo bridge connects the two popular open-source software packages, enabling Apollo software stacks to drive the CARLA simulator and receive, assimilate, interpret and visualize data through the extensively featured Apollo interface.

apollo interface

This promises great new potential for both user communities, connecting a high performance, flexible platform for accelerating development and testing of AD software stacks with the industry’s most widely used open-source simulator.

The CARLA Team