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carla::streaming::detail::tcp Namespace Reference


class  Client
 A client that connects to a single stream. More...
class  IncomingMessage
 Helper for reading incoming TCP messages. More...
class  MessageTmpl
 Serialization of a set of buffers to be sent over a TCP socket as a single message. More...
class  Server
class  ServerSession
 A TCP server session. More...


using Message = MessageTmpl< 2u >
 A TCP message containing a maximum of 2 buffers. More...


static std::atomic_size_t SESSION_COUNTER {0u}

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◆ Message

A TCP message containing a maximum of 2 buffers.

This is optimized for a header and body sort of messages.

Definition at line 92 of file Message.h.

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std::atomic_size_t carla::streaming::detail::tcp::SESSION_COUNTER {0u}

Definition at line 26 of file ServerSession.cpp.