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carla::streaming::detail Namespace Reference




class  Dispatcher
 Keeps the mapping between streams and sessions. More...
class  EndPoint
class  EndPoint< Protocol, FullyDefinedEndPoint >
class  EndPoint< Protocol, PartiallyDefinedEndPoint >
struct  FullyDefinedEndPoint
class  MultiStreamState
 A stream state that can hold any number of sessions. More...
struct  PartiallyDefinedEndPoint
class  Stream
class  StreamStateBase
 Shared state among all the copies of a stream. More...
struct  token_data
class  token_type
 Serializes a stream endpoint. More...


using message_size_type = uint32_t
using Session = tcp::ServerSession
using stream_id_type = uint32_t
using StreamMap = std::unordered_map< stream_id_type, std::shared_ptr< MultiStreamState > >

Typedef Documentation

◆ message_size_type

Definition at line 20 of file Types.h.

◆ Session

Definition at line 15 of file Session.h.

◆ stream_id_type

using carla::streaming::detail::stream_id_type = typedef uint32_t

Definition at line 18 of file Types.h.

◆ StreamMap

using carla::streaming::detail::StreamMap = typedef std::unordered_map<stream_id_type, std::shared_ptr<MultiStreamState> >

Definition at line 24 of file Dispatcher.h.