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InMemoryMap.h File Reference
#include <chrono>
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <unordered_set>
#include "boost/geometry.hpp"
#include "boost/geometry/geometries/point.hpp"
#include "boost/geometry/index/rtree.hpp"
#include "carla/client/Map.h"
#include "carla/client/Waypoint.h"
#include "carla/geom/Location.h"
#include "carla/geom/Math.h"
#include "carla/Memory.h"
#include "carla/road/RoadTypes.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/RandomGenerator.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/SimpleWaypoint.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/CachedSimpleWaypoint.h"
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class  carla::traffic_manager::InMemoryMap
 This class builds a discretized local map-cache. More...


 This file contains definitions of common data structures used in traffic manager.


using carla::traffic_manager::Box = bg::model::box< Point3D >
using carla::traffic_manager::GeoGridId = crd::JuncId
using carla::traffic_manager::NodeList = std::vector< SimpleWaypointPtr >
using carla::traffic_manager::Point3D = bg::model::point< float, 3, bg::cs::cartesian >
using carla::traffic_manager::Rtree = bgi::rtree< SpatialTreeEntry, bgi::rstar< 16 > >
using carla::traffic_manager::SegmentId = std::tuple< crd::RoadId, crd::LaneId, crd::SectionId >
using carla::traffic_manager::SegmentMap = std::map< SegmentId, std::vector< SimpleWaypointPtr > >
using carla::traffic_manager::SegmentTopology = std::map< SegmentId, std::pair< std::vector< SegmentId >, std::vector< SegmentId > >>
using carla::traffic_manager::SpatialTreeEntry = std::pair< Point3D, SimpleWaypointPtr >
using carla::traffic_manager::WaypointPtr = carla::SharedPtr< cc::Waypoint >
using carla::traffic_manager::WorldMap = carla::SharedPtr< const cc::Map >