WheeledVehicleAIController.cpp File Reference
#include "Carla.h"
#include "WheeledVehicleAIController.h"
#include "MapGen/RoadMap.h"
#include "Traffic/RoutePlanner.h"
#include "Vehicle/CarlaWheeledVehicle.h"
#include "Carla/CityMapGenerator.h"
#include "Carla/Util/RandomEngine.h"
#include "EngineUtils.h"
#include "GameFramework/Pawn.h"
#include "WheeledVehicleMovementComponent.h"
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template<typename T >
static void ClearQueue (std::queue< T > &Queue)
static bool IsThereAnObstacleAhead (const ACarlaWheeledVehicle &Vehicle, const float Speed, const FVector &Direction)
static bool RayCast (const AActor &Actor, const FVector &Start, const FVector &End)

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◆ ClearQueue()

template<typename T >
static void ClearQueue ( std::queue< T > &  Queue)

Definition at line 75 of file WheeledVehicleAIController.cpp.

Referenced by AWheeledVehicleAIController::ConfigureAutopilot(), and AWheeledVehicleAIController::SetFixedRoute().

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◆ IsThereAnObstacleAhead()

static bool IsThereAnObstacleAhead ( const ACarlaWheeledVehicle Vehicle,
const float  Speed,
const FVector &  Direction 

Definition at line 44 of file WheeledVehicleAIController.cpp.

References ACarlaWheeledVehicle::GetVehicleBoundingBoxExtent(), ACarlaWheeledVehicle::GetVehicleOrientation(), and RayCast().

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◆ RayCast()

static bool RayCast ( const AActor Actor,
const FVector &  Start,
const FVector &  End 

Definition at line 24 of file WheeledVehicleAIController.cpp.

References Success.

Referenced by IsThereAnObstacleAhead().

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