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LocalizationStage.h File Reference
#include <memory>
#include "carla/trafficmanager/DataStructures.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/InMemoryMap.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/LocalizationUtils.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/Parameters.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/RandomGenerator.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/TrackTraffic.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/SimulationState.h"
#include "carla/trafficmanager/Stage.h"
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class  carla::traffic_manager::LocalizationStage
 This class has functionality to maintain a horizon of waypoints ahead of the vehicle for it to follow. More...


 This file contains definitions of common data structures used in traffic manager.


using carla::traffic_manager::Action = std::pair< RoadOption, WaypointPtr >
using carla::traffic_manager::ActionBuffer = std::vector< Action >
using carla::traffic_manager::LaneChangeSWptMap = std::unordered_map< ActorId, SimpleWaypointPtr >
using carla::traffic_manager::Path = std::vector< cg::Location >
using carla::traffic_manager::Route = std::vector< uint8_t >