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It is our mission to accelerate research, development and deployment in the field of autonomous driving through the development of open-source tooling

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White-box system approach

Rely on a flexible API that is open to connect with tools like SUMO, Autoware and PTV-Vissim

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Distributed platform

Profit from cluster solutions and run a simulation out-of-the-box

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Straightforward configuration

Customize your simulation with no need of previous expertise

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Tooling for content handling

Ingest your maps and assets automatically, generate procedural maps from XODR definitions and more

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Traffic situations

Define your own scenarios and routes to validate your agents

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Ease of perception and planning

Retrieve realistic world and sensor data, and focus on the agents’ control


The CARLA team spans the globe and is made up of two distinct, non-profit organizations; the Computer Vision Centre and the Embodied AI Foundation.

Based in Barcelona, the Computer Vision Center consists of an international work-force that collaborates on the development of CARLA.

The Embodied AI Foundation is located in California and contributes to the development of CARLA from a legal and organizational point of view. It also contributes to the development and dissemination of critical technologies such as AL, ML, simulation and robotics.



We offer many services both to support users of CARLA and to enable them to make an impact and become involved with the team. Click on the topics below to find out more.

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Join the CARLA board and support the team

Benefits for consortium members:

  • Steer and guide the CARLA roadmap
  • Align the project with specific needs
  • Attend a monthly update and provide feedback to the team
  • Get direct access to the CARLA team
  • Get advertised in all CARLA materials
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Profit from fast development cycles and affordable fees

Request features fully tailored to your needs:

  • Rely on a simulation research and development team as a service
  • Receive personalized training
  • Integrate strategic tools and solutions for your business
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Receive preferential treatment:

  • Your questions are treated with the highest priority
  • Direct support from the CARLA team
  • Flexible communication channels, such as private discord channels
  • Co-supervised programming sessions
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Benefit from the knowledge of the CARLA team:

  • Expedite solutions for autonomous driving
  • Get direct contact with pioneer researchers and engineers
  • Consult experts in different fields including simulation, evaluation, rendering, AI and perception
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We hear your proposals

Flexibility is in the core of CARLA, and new ideas set the ground for innovation.

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