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carla::client::detail::ActorFactory Class Reference

#include <ActorFactory.h>

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static SharedPtr< ActorMakeActor (EpisodeProxy episode, rpc::Actor actor_description, GarbageCollectionPolicy garbage_collection_policy)
 Create an Actor based on the provided actor_description. More...

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Definition at line 21 of file ActorFactory.h.

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◆ MakeActor()

SharedPtr< Actor > carla::client::detail::ActorFactory::MakeActor ( EpisodeProxy  episode,
rpc::Actor  actor_description,
GarbageCollectionPolicy  garbage_collection_policy 

Create an Actor based on the provided actor_description.

episode must point to the episode in which the actor is living.

Do not call this class directly, use Simulator::MakeActor.

If garbage_collection_policy is GarbageCollectionPolicy::Enabled, the shared pointer returned is provided with a custom deleter that calls Destroy() on the actor.

Definition at line 73 of file ActorFactory.cpp.

References carla::rpc::Actor::description, carla::rpc::Actor::HasAStream(), carla::rpc::ActorDescription::id, and carla::StringUtil::StartsWith().

Referenced by carla::client::detail::ActorVariant::MakeActor(), carla::client::detail::Simulator::MakeActor(), and carla::client::detail::Simulator::SpawnActor().

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