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carla::client::ClientSideSensor Class Reference

#include <ClientSideSensor.h>

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- Public Types inherited from carla::client::Sensor
using CallbackFunctionType = std::function< void(SharedPtr< sensor::SensorData >)>
- Public Member Functions inherited from carla::client::Sensor
virtual bool IsListening () const =0
 Return whether this Sensor instance is currently listening to new data. More...
virtual void Listen (CallbackFunctionType callback)=0
 Register a callback to be executed each time a new measurement is received. More...
virtual void Stop ()=0
 Stop listening for new measurements. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from carla::client::Actor
 Actor (ActorInitializer init)
void AddAngularImpulse (const geom::Vector3D &vector)
 Add angular impulse to the actor. More...
void AddForce (const geom::Vector3D &force)
 Add force to the actor at its center of mass. More...
void AddForce (const geom::Vector3D &force, const geom::Vector3D &location)
 Add force to the actor at certain location. More...
void AddImpulse (const geom::Vector3D &vector)
 Add impulse to the actor at its center of mass. More...
void AddImpulse (const geom::Vector3D &impulse, const geom::Vector3D &location)
 Add impulse to the actor at certain location. More...
void AddTorque (const geom::Vector3D &vector)
 Add a torque to the actor. More...
virtual bool Destroy ()
 Tell the simulator to destroy this Actor, and return whether the actor was successfully destroyed. More...
void DisableConstantVelocity ()
 Disable the constant velocity mode. More...
void EnableConstantVelocity (const geom::Vector3D &vector)
 Enable a constant velocity mode. More...
geom::Vector3D GetAcceleration () const
 Return the current 3D acceleration of the actor. More...
rpc::ActorState GetActorState () const
geom::Vector3D GetAngularVelocity () const
 Return the current 3D angular velocity of the actor. More...
geom::Location GetLocation () const
 Return the current location of the actor. More...
geom::Transform GetTransform () const
 Return the current transform of the actor. More...
geom::Vector3D GetVelocity () const
 Return the current 3D velocity of the actor. More...
bool IsActive () const
bool IsAlive () const
bool IsDormant () const
const auto & Serialize () const
void SetEnableGravity (bool enabled=true)
 Enable or disable gravity on this actor. More...
void SetLocation (const geom::Location &location)
 Teleport the actor to location. More...
void SetSimulatePhysics (bool enabled=true)
 Enable or disable physics simulation on this actor. More...
void SetTargetAngularVelocity (const geom::Vector3D &vector)
 Set the angular velocity of the actor before applying physics. More...
void SetTargetVelocity (const geom::Vector3D &vector)
 Set the actor velocity before applying physics. More...
void SetTransform (const geom::Transform &transform)
 Teleport and rotate the actor to transform. More...
virtual ~Actor ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from carla::client::detail::ActorState
const std::vector< ActorAttributeValue > & GetAttributes () const
const std::string & GetDisplayId () const
ActorId GetId () const
SharedPtr< ActorGetParent () const
ActorId GetParentId () const
const std::vector< uint8_t > & GetSemanticTags () const
const std::string & GetTypeId () const
World GetWorld () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from carla::client::detail::ActorState
 ActorState (rpc::Actor description, EpisodeProxy episode)
const rpc::ActorGetActorDescription () const
const geom::BoundingBoxGetBoundingBox () const
EpisodeProxyGetEpisode ()
const EpisodeProxyGetEpisode () const

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