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ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW Class Reference

Base class for CARLA wheeled vehicles. More...

#include <CarlaWheeledVehicleNW.h>

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Public Member Functions

Constructor and destructor
 ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW (const FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
 ~ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACarlaWheeledVehicle
 ACarlaWheeledVehicle (const FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
 ~ACarlaWheeledVehicle ()
const FVehicleControlGetVehicleControl () const
 Vehicle control currently applied to this vehicle. More...
const FVehicleAckermannControlGetVehicleAckermannControl () const
 Vehicle Ackermann control currently applied to this vehicle. More...
FTransform GetVehicleTransform () const
 Transform of the vehicle. More...
float GetVehicleForwardSpeed () const
 Forward speed in cm/s. Might be negative if goes backwards. More...
FVector GetVehicleOrientation () const
 Orientation vector of the vehicle, pointing forward. More...
int32 GetVehicleCurrentGear () const
 Active gear of the vehicle. More...
FTransform GetVehicleBoundingBoxTransform () const
 Transform of the vehicle's bounding box relative to the vehicle. More...
FVector GetVehicleBoundingBoxExtent () const
 Extent of the vehicle's bounding box. More...
UBoxComponent * GetVehicleBoundingBox () const
 Get vehicle's bounding box component. More...
float GetMaximumSteerAngle () const
 Get the maximum angle at which the front wheel can steer. More...
void SetAIVehicleState (ECarlaWheeledVehicleState InState)
ECarlaWheeledVehicleState GetAIVehicleState () const
FVehiclePhysicsControl GetVehiclePhysicsControl () const
FAckermannControllerSettings GetAckermannControllerSettings () const
void RestoreVehiclePhysicsControl ()
FVehicleLightState GetVehicleLightState () const
void ApplyVehiclePhysicsControl (const FVehiclePhysicsControl &PhysicsControl)
void ApplyAckermannControllerSettings (const FAckermannControllerSettings &AckermannControllerSettings)
void SetSimulatePhysics (bool enabled)
void SetWheelCollision (UWheeledVehicleMovementComponent4W *Vehicle4W, const FVehiclePhysicsControl &PhysicsControl)
void SetWheelCollisionNW (UWheeledVehicleMovementComponentNW *VehicleNW, const FVehiclePhysicsControl &PhysicsControl)
void SetVehicleLightState (const FVehicleLightState &LightState)
void SetFailureState (const carla::rpc::VehicleFailureState &FailureState)
bool IsTwoWheeledVehicle ()
virtual bool IsTwoWheeledVehicle_Implementation ()
void ApplyVehicleControl (const FVehicleControl &Control, EVehicleInputPriority Priority)
void ApplyVehicleAckermannControl (const FVehicleAckermannControl &AckermannControl, EVehicleInputPriority Priority)
bool IsAckermannControlActive () const
void ActivateVelocityControl (const FVector &Velocity)
void DeactivateVelocityControl ()
void ShowDebugTelemetry (bool Enabled)
void FlushVehicleControl ()
void SetThrottleInput (float Value)
void SetSteeringInput (float Value)
void SetBrakeInput (float Value)
void SetReverse (bool Value)
void ToggleReverse ()
void SetHandbrakeInput (bool Value)
void HoldHandbrake ()
void ReleaseHandbrake ()
TArray< float > GetWheelsFrictionScale ()
void SetWheelsFrictionScale (TArray< float > &WheelsFrictionScale)
void SetCarlaMovementComponent (UBaseCarlaMovementComponent *MoementComponent)
template<typename T = UBaseCarlaMovementComponent>
T * GetCarlaMovementComponent () const
FBox GetDetectionBox () const
float GetDetectionSize () const
void UpdateDetectionBox ()
const TArray< int32 > GetFoliageInstancesCloseToVehicle (const UInstancedStaticMeshComponent *Component) const
void DrawFoliageBoundingBox () const
FBoxSphereBounds GetBoxSphereBounds () const
bool IsInVehicleRange (const FVector &Location) const
void SetWheelSteerDirection (EVehicleWheelLocation WheelLocation, float AngleInDeg)
 Set the rotation of the car wheels indicated by the user 0 = FL_VehicleWheel, 1 = FR_VehicleWheel, 2 = BL_VehicleWheel, 3 = BR_VehicleWheel NOTE : This is purely aesthetic. More...
float GetWheelSteerAngle (EVehicleWheelLocation WheelLocation)
void OpenDoor (const EVehicleDoor DoorIdx)
void CloseDoor (const EVehicleDoor DoorIdx)
void OpenDoorPhys (const EVehicleDoor DoorIdx)
void CloseDoorPhys (const EVehicleDoor DoorIdx)
virtual FVector GetVelocity () const override
void SetRolloverFlag ()
carla::rpc::VehicleFailureState GetFailureState () const
float GetSpeedAnim () const
void SetSpeedAnim (float Speed)
float GetRotationAnim () const
void SetRotationAnim (float Rotation)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ACarlaWheeledVehicle
static FRotator GetPhysicsConstraintAngle (UPhysicsConstraintComponent *Component)
static void SetPhysicsConstraintAngle (UPhysicsConstraintComponent *Component, const FRotator &NewAngle)
- Public Attributes inherited from ACarlaWheeledVehicle
float DetectionSize { 750.0f }
FBox FoliageBoundingBox
UBoxComponent * VehicleBounds
float CarSimOriginOffset = 150.f
bool bIsNWVehicle = false
float SpeedAnim { 0.0f }
float RotationAnim { 0.0f }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ACarlaWheeledVehicle
virtual void BeginPlay () override
virtual void EndPlay (const EEndPlayReason::Type EndPlayReason)
void RefreshLightState (const FVehicleLightState &VehicleLightState)
void AdjustVehicleBounds ()
void ResetConstraints ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from ACarlaWheeledVehicle
TArray< FName > ConstraintComponentNames
float DoorOpenStrength = 100.0f

Detailed Description

Base class for CARLA wheeled vehicles.

Definition at line 15 of file CarlaWheeledVehicleNW.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW()

ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW::ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW ( const FObjectInitializer &  ObjectInitializer)

Definition at line 11 of file CarlaWheeledVehicleNW.cpp.

References ACarlaWheeledVehicle::bIsNWVehicle.

◆ ~ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW()

ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW::~ACarlaWheeledVehicleNW ( )

Definition at line 17 of file CarlaWheeledVehicleNW.cpp.

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