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ANormalsCamera Class Reference

Sensor that produces "normals" images. More...

#include <NormalsCamera.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ANormalsCamera (const FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AShaderBasedSensor
bool AddPostProcessingMaterial (const FString &Path)
 Load the UMaterialInstanceDynamic at the given Path and append it to the list of shaders with Weight. More...
void AddShader (const FSensorShader &Shader)
 Add a post-processing shader. More...
 AShaderBasedSensor (const FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
void Set (const FActorDescription &ActorDescription) override
void SetFloatShaderParameter (uint8_t ShaderIndex, const FName &ParameterName, float Value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ASceneCaptureSensor
bool ArePostProcessingEffectsEnabled () const
 ASceneCaptureSensor (const FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
void Enable16BitFormat (bool Enable=false)
void EnablePostProcessingEffects (bool Enable=true)
void EnqueueRenderSceneImmediate ()
 Immediate enqueues render commands of the scene at the current time. More...
float GetAperture () const
int GetBladeCount () const
float GetBloomIntensity () const
USceneCaptureComponent2DGetCaptureComponent2D ()
UTextureRenderTarget2D * GetCaptureRenderTarget ()
float GetChromAberrIntensity () const
float GetChromAberrOffset () const
float GetDepthBlurAmount () const
float GetDepthBlurRadius () const
float GetDepthOfFieldMinFstop () const
float GetExposureCalibrationConstant () const
float GetExposureCompensation () const
float GetExposureMaxBrightness () const
EAutoExposureMethod GetExposureMethod () const
float GetExposureMinBrightness () const
float GetExposureSpeedDown () const
float GetExposureSpeedUp () const
float GetFilmBlackClip () const
float GetFilmShoulder () const
float GetFilmSlope () const
float GetFilmToe () const
float GetFilmWhiteClip () const
float GetFocalDistance () const
float GetFOVAngle () const
uint32 GetImageHeight () const
uint32 GetImageWidth () const
float GetISO () const
float GetLensFlareIntensity () const
float GetMotionBlurIntensity () const
float GetMotionBlurMaxDistortion () const
float GetMotionBlurMinObjectScreenSize () const
float GetShutterSpeed () const
float GetTargetGamma () const
float GetWhiteTemp () const
float GetWhiteTint () const
bool Is16BitFormatEnabled () const
bool ReadPixels (TArray< FColor > &BitMap) const
 Use for debugging purposes only. More...
void SaveCaptureToDisk (const FString &FilePath) const
 Use for debugging purposes only. More...
void SetAperture (float Aperture)
void SetBladeCount (int Count)
void SetBloomIntensity (float Intensity)
void SetChromAberrIntensity (float Intensity)
void SetChromAberrOffset (float ChromAberrOffset)
void SetDepthBlurAmount (float Amount)
void SetDepthBlurRadius (float Radius)
void SetDepthOfFieldMinFstop (float MinFstop)
void SetExposureCalibrationConstant (float Constant)
void SetExposureCompensation (float Compensation)
void SetExposureMaxBrightness (float Brightness)
void SetExposureMethod (EAutoExposureMethod Method)
void SetExposureMinBrightness (float Brightness)
void SetExposureSpeedDown (float Speed)
void SetExposureSpeedUp (float Speed)
void SetFilmBlackClip (float BlackClip)
void SetFilmShoulder (float Shoulder)
void SetFilmSlope (float Slope)
void SetFilmToe (float Toe)
void SetFilmWhiteClip (float WhiteClip)
void SetFocalDistance (float Distance)
void SetFOVAngle (float FOVAngle)
void SetImageSize (uint32 Width, uint32 Height)
void SetISO (float ISO)
void SetLensFlareIntensity (float Intensity)
void SetMotionBlurIntensity (float Intensity)
void SetMotionBlurMaxDistortion (float MaxDistortion)
void SetMotionBlurMinObjectScreenSize (float ScreenSize)
void SetShutterSpeed (float Speed)
void SetTargetGamma (float InTargetGamma)
void SetWhiteTemp (float Temp)
void SetWhiteTint (float Tint)
void WaitForRenderThreadToFinish ()
 Blocks until the render thread has finished all it's tasks. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ASensor
 ASensor (const FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
boost::optional< FActorAttributeGetAttribute (const FString Name)
const UCarlaEpisodeGetEpisode () const
URandomEngineGetRandomEngine ()
int32 GetSeed () const
auto GetToken () const
 Return the token that allows subscribing to this sensor's stream. More...
bool IsStreamReady ()
FDataStream MoveDataStream ()
virtual void OnFirstClientConnected ()
virtual void OnLastClientDisconnected ()
void PostPhysTickInternal (UWorld *World, ELevelTick TickType, float DeltaSeconds)
void SetDataStream (FDataStream InStream)
 Replace the FDataStream associated with this sensor. More...
void SetEpisode (const UCarlaEpisode &InEpisode)
void SetSeed (int32 InSeed)
void Tick (const float DeltaTime) final

Static Public Member Functions

static FActorDefinition GetSensorDefinition ()

Protected Member Functions

void PostPhysTick (UWorld *World, ELevelTick TickType, float DeltaSeconds) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AShaderBasedSensor
void SetUpSceneCaptureComponent (USceneCaptureComponent2D &SceneCapture) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ASceneCaptureSensor
virtual void BeginPlay () override
void CaptureSceneExtended ()
virtual void EndPlay (const EEndPlayReason::Type EndPlayReason) override
virtual void PrePhysTick (float DeltaSeconds) override
virtual void SendGBufferTextures (FGBufferRequest &GBuffer)
template<typename T >
void SendGBufferTexturesInternal (T &Self, FGBufferRequest &GBufferData)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ASensor
void EndPlay (EEndPlayReason::Type EndPlayReason) override
template<typename SensorT >
FAsyncDataStream GetDataStream (const SensorT &Self)
 Return the FDataStream associated with this sensor. More...
void PostActorCreated () override

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ASceneCaptureSensor
struct {
   FCameraGBufferUint8   CustomDepth
   FCameraGBufferUint8   CustomStencil
   FCameraGBufferUint8   GBufferA
   FCameraGBufferUint8   GBufferB
   FCameraGBufferUint8   GBufferC
   FCameraGBufferUint8   GBufferD
   FCameraGBufferUint8   GBufferE
   FCameraGBufferUint8   GBufferF
   FCameraGBufferUint8   SceneColor
   FCameraGBufferUint8   SceneDepth
   FCameraGBufferUint8   SceneStencil
   FCameraGBufferUint8   SSAO
   FCameraGBufferUint8   Velocity
- Protected Attributes inherited from ASceneCaptureSensor
bool bEnable16BitFormat = false
 Whether to change render target format to PF_A16B16G16R16, offering 16bit / channel. More...
bool bEnablePostProcessingEffects = true
 Whether to render the post-processing effects present in the scene. More...
USceneCaptureComponent2D_CARLACaptureComponent2D = nullptr
 Scene capture component. More...
UTextureRenderTarget2D * CaptureRenderTarget = nullptr
 Render target necessary for scene capture. More...
uint32 ImageHeight = 600u
 Image height in pixels. More...
uint32 ImageWidth = 800u
 Image width in pixels. More...
float TargetGamma = 2.4f
- Protected Attributes inherited from ASensor
bool bIsActive = false
URandomEngineRandomEngine = nullptr
 Random Engine used to provide noise for sensor output. More...
int32 Seed = 123456789
 Seed of the pseudo-random engine. More...

Detailed Description

Sensor that produces "normals" images.

Definition at line 17 of file NormalsCamera.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ANormalsCamera()

ANormalsCamera::ANormalsCamera ( const FObjectInitializer &  ObjectInitializer)

Definition at line 19 of file NormalsCamera.cpp.

References AShaderBasedSensor::AddPostProcessingMaterial(), and ASceneCaptureSensor::Enable16BitFormat().

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetSensorDefinition()

FActorDefinition ANormalsCamera::GetSensorDefinition ( )

Definition at line 14 of file NormalsCamera.cpp.

References UActorBlueprintFunctionLibrary::MakeNormalsCameraDefinition().

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◆ PostPhysTick()

void ANormalsCamera::PostPhysTick ( UWorld *  World,
ELevelTick  TickType,
float  DeltaSeconds 

Reimplemented from ASceneCaptureSensor.

Definition at line 29 of file NormalsCamera.cpp.

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