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FVehicleData Class Reference

#include <ActorData.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void RecordActorData (FCarlaActor *CarlaActor, UCarlaEpisode *CarlaEpisode) override
virtual void RestoreActorData (FCarlaActor *CarlaActor, UCarlaEpisode *CarlaEpisode) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from FActorData
FTransform GetLocalTransform (UCarlaEpisode *CarlaEpisode) const
virtual AActorRespawnActor (UCarlaEpisode *CarlaEpisode, const FActorInfo &Info)
virtual ~FActorData ()

Public Attributes

FVehicleAckermannControl AckermannControl
FAckermannControllerSettings AckermannControllerSettings
bool bAckermannControlActive = false
FVehicleControl Control
carla::rpc::VehicleFailureState FailureState
FVehicleLightState LightState
FVehiclePhysicsControl PhysicsControl
float SpeedLimit = 30
- Public Attributes inherited from FActorData
FVector AngularVelocity = FVector(0,0,0)
bool bSimulatePhysics = false
FDVector Location
FQuat Rotation
FVector Scale
FVector Velocity

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file ActorData.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ RecordActorData()

void FVehicleData::RecordActorData ( FCarlaActor CarlaActor,
UCarlaEpisode CarlaEpisode 

◆ RestoreActorData()

void FVehicleData::RestoreActorData ( FCarlaActor CarlaActor,
UCarlaEpisode CarlaEpisode 

Member Data Documentation

◆ AckermannControl

FVehicleAckermannControl FVehicleData::AckermannControl

◆ AckermannControllerSettings

FAckermannControllerSettings FVehicleData::AckermannControllerSettings

◆ bAckermannControlActive

bool FVehicleData::bAckermannControlActive = false

◆ Control

FVehicleControl FVehicleData::Control

◆ FailureState

carla::rpc::VehicleFailureState FVehicleData::FailureState

Definition at line 73 of file ActorData.h.

Referenced by FVehicleActor::GetFailureState().

◆ LightState

FVehicleLightState FVehicleData::LightState

◆ PhysicsControl

FVehiclePhysicsControl FVehicleData::PhysicsControl

◆ SpeedLimit

float FVehicleData::SpeedLimit = 30

Definition at line 71 of file ActorData.h.

Referenced by FWorldObserver_GetDormantActorState().

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